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Peter Nilsson began his working life as an engraver in the glass industry in Sweden. Besides working as a designer, engraving and figurative expression has always been his language of choice. 

Peter grew up in rural Sweden in the neighbourhood of the Orrefors Glassworks and village. Surrounded by workshops where he was allowed to play as a child, glass seemed the most natural material to use and Peter decided at the age of seven he would become a glass engraver.

After graduation from the senior high school program at the National Glass School in Orrefors, Peter was hired as a glass engraver at Pukebergs glassworks, where he stayed for seven years assisting a range of designers. After university, Peter spent nine years at the Swedish National Glass School as a teacher in coldworking techniques, sketching techniques and art history.

Peter relocated to Australia with his partner in 2010, where he continues to work as a freelance artist.

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